Doctors Recrutiment

Ezee Healthcare recruitment simplifies the healthcare recruitment & licensing processes for healthcare professionals such as doctors planning on beginning their medical careers in the UAE.

We specialise in doctors recruitment in UAE, and offer quality assistance and support and guidance helping doctors discover and connect with suitable Consultant/Specialist/general practitioner jobs Dubai.

Doctors looking forward to beginning their healthcare careers in Dubai must first understand the essential licensing procedures and exams that doctors must take, allowing them to practice their Dr job in Dubai.

Although many doctors are aware of these procedures, they might find it challenging to execute them individually and require assistance, support and guidance from medical staffing agencies.

The very first step involves obtaining the DHA Licence for doctors. Doctors for Dubai must register with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). They must undertake the Dubai Health Authority Exam (DHA) for obtaining the DHA licence that permits them to practice freely in the Emirate of Dubai.

Ezee Healthcare Recruitment offers the following benefits to its registered doctors:

1. DHA Licensing Assistance Services that consist of:

a. Dataflow Assistance

b. DHA Exam Booking Assistance, helping healthcare professionals select a suitable exam location and time

c. Self Assessment study materials that help candidates prepare well for their DHA exams.

2. Job Search & Placement Opportunities after receiving the Eligibility Letter

3. A Quick, Easy & Convenient Licensing and Recruitment procedure which is affordable and reliable.

We are proud to partner up with several schools, hospitals and clinics in Dubai, and help offer a flexible and convenient recruitment channel for our registered doctors. Doctors registered with Ezee Healthcare Recruitment get complete access to all Ezee Benefits, including access to job opportunities in Dubai, discovering hospitals in Dubai careers and jobs in Dubai with salary.

Our healthcare recruitment is with you at every step of your licensing and recruitment process, ensuring every procedure happens easily and conveniently.

Register with us today to begin your healthcare careers in Dubai!


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