How can Ezee HR help me?

Ezee HR assist you for taking license (DHA/HAAD/MOH) and free placement assistance in GCC.

What is PSV?

Primary Source Verification (PSV) is the act of verifying the applicant documents directly from the original or primary source by a specialized international company called "Data flow". Verification will be for educational certificates, experience, health license and good standing certificate.

What is Good Standing Certificate (GSC)?

Good Standing certificate is a certificate issued by the Medical Council / Regulatory body from where your previous license has been issued.

What is the validity of Good Standing Certificate (GSC)?

Good Standing Certificate is valid for 6 months only, some countries Good Standing is only valid for 3 months.

What is the benefit of my previous Data Flow?

If you have Data flow report of any GCC, we can transfer the same to your preferred Health Authority License.

How many chances for GCC Licensing exam?

You will get 3 chances for the exam.If you are fail the exam you can re-apply without data flow process. 

How can i pay the Licensing payment? 

You can pay online payment and also we accept bank transfer to our UAE or Indian accounts. Contact us for Bank details.

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